23 Traits of
The End Time Generation
by Dan Hayne
As I asked God what the End Time Generation would look like, He began to give me
bullet points of this generation's characteristic traits. As  I sat down and began to
type these bullet points, they came to me very quickly.

The End Time Generation is being raised up by God right now. This generation will
begin to change and shift the course of history for God's glory.  This list is not all
inclusive, but here are 23 bullet points that describe some of the characteristic
traits of the End Time Generation.

God is extending an invitation to everyone to become a part of this generation.
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1.  The end time generation knows no division in race, age, culture, financial status,
political, ethnic, educational, or social standing. All of these divisions and separations
and more are washed away in the blood of Jesus.

2.  The end time generation knows how to come into, carry, and release God's
presence and to just be with Him and exist for Him.

3.  They know how to team up and partner with God, because they know His heart
and they know His plans.

4.  They know Jesus as the only door to the Father, and they go in and out of the
Eternal realm so they can release miraculous provision and supply from heaven into
the hands of the humble and needy.

5.  When churches and society write people off, this generation goes after the
outcasts, because this generation sees them as mighty and strong.

6.  This generation sees people through the eyes of potential—not through the eyes
of limitation.

7.  When anyone else sees a pile of dead bones, this generation sees a mighty army.

8.  This generation is not confined by religious ideas and precepts that restrain and
restrict, but they operate out of the box. They are cut from a new mold that creates
something wonderful and glorious in the midst of situations that are impractical and

9.  This generation lives in a reality of the impossible bowing its knees to God's

10.  This generation doesn't listen when they are told that something is unattainable,
it's never been done like that, or it can't be done. Instead they use these unlawful
decrees as a launching pad into the realization of the impossible.

11.  This generation walks in the fullness of their inheritance in Christ. They are a
stalwart breed that have tapped into and are proficient in releasing the power and
manifestations of God as well as His glory at higher levels than ever before witnessed
in the history of mankind.

12.  They know the enemy's tactics, strategies, and devices, and they know how to
stop his plans and agendas while bringing in the plan of God.

13.  There is no compromise in this generation. They have a passion to be in God's
presence. It is not in their heart to do anything that would diminish their relationship
with God the Father.

14.  This is a generation where God's heart becomes their footsteps.

15.  The people of this generation have a propensity for shaping histories and
destinies, not only of people but of nations, and bringing them to the place where they
conform to what is written in the heavenly Psalm 139:16 books.

16.  This is a generation that is completely captivated by the love of God, and their
highest motivation is to release that love through everything that they do.

17.  Their pursuit of the Love of the Father is so intense that it literally shakes the
nations of the earth.

18.  They know how to dream dreams that have never been dreamed, and they have
the ability to lean into God in such a way that these dreams become reality.

19.  Miracle, signs, and wonders of unprecedented magnitude follow this generation
confirming and releasing God's Kingdom wherever they go.

20.  They are irreversibly marked by heaven and release waves of God's glory that
can't be stopped.

21.  When the level of their experience doesn't come up to the level of scriptural
standards, this generation considers this as an invitation to press into an even more
dynamic relationship with God that will cause their experience in Him to elevate much
higher than ever before.

22.  This is a generation that knows no limits in Christ Jesus.

23.  This end time generation releases an unrestricted revelation of the goodness and
the greatness of the Great I AM. They unashamedly and boldly prepare the way of the
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23 Traits
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