Prayer for Our Children
by Dan Hayne
•  Lord, I pray Your blessing upon this child.

•  Thank You that every area of this child’s life is covered by the blood of Jesus and
Jesus' blood declares this child to be righteous before You.

•  I separate this child unto You, Lord, for Divine influence upon his heart and  upon
the hearts of those he comes into contact with.

•  Let this child increase in Godly Wisdom and I pray a continual passion for pursuing
and demonstrating Your wisdom is upon this child.

•  Cause this child to grow and become strong in your Spirit.

•  Cause this child to increase in stature and maturity in the natural, in the
Spirit, and in his giftings. Cause him to increase in favor with God and mankind.

• I pray that this child continually hears Your voice and sees Your face.

•  I thank You that this child hears and embraces Your word, and that the Holy Spirit
continually falls upon him.  

•  I thank You that this child is sensitive to the leading and the guiding of the Holy

•  Let the Holy Spirit lead this child into all levels of Truth and into all the realities of
the earth realm and the eternal realms.

•  Thank You that this child is continually sheltered and protected under the
shadow of Your wings. Every working of evil and every negative confession
produces no fruit in his life; past, present, or future.

•  Thank You that Your hand is upon this child, and he shall fulfill his destiny in
Christ. Thank You that You are continually leading him and keeping him on the path
that You created him to walk upon.

•  Let everything that this child does glorify You, Lord.

•  Thank You Lord that Your Kingdom expands exponentially through this child's life.

•  Thank You that this child walks in the fullness of the blessings of Abraham. I
bless this child with the Father's blessing, and I thank You that Your blessing
increases continually in this child's life.
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Place your child's name each time where the words "this child, his, or him" occur.
For more in-depth study on this subject, we recommend our audio mp3 found
by clicking the '
Downloads' button and scrolling down to 'Prayer Foundations.'
This is a prayerthat you can use as a model to pray for your children. I pray
these prayer points over our son often. These bullet points are taken directly
from Scripture. You will find these prayers will help pave the road for our
children to do exploits in God's Kingdom.
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