About Dan Hayne
'It's Possible' and 'Kingdom Keys' Radio Outreaches
Dan is currently streaming two encouraging weekly audio segments heard on AM and FM
radio stations in the United States as well as on leading Internet radio stations
broadcasting internationally.
'It's Possible' and 'Kingdom Keys' are a part of Cheryl
'Resting in His Word' radio program.

'It's Possible' is heard live each week for 20 minutes on the Fish Bowl Radio Network's
Grey Bowl found on
www.FBRN.us. Also, leading Gospel Internet Station
www.247PraiseRadio.com and www.ChurchTalkRadio.com both carry pre-recorded
segments of
'Kingdom Keys' for three minutes each week. 'It's Possible' and 'Kingdom
are world-wide outreaches that impact thousands each week with dynamic teaching
that advances people in their walk with the Lord.

Dan has a broadly diverse background. He spent more than twenty five years as a
professional drummer and drum instructor. For more than nine years he was the
drummer on the worship team at World Harvest Church, founded by Pastor Rod Parsley.
He graduated with the initial class at World Harvest Bible Institute (now Valor Christian
College) with majors in pastoral studies and music ministry.

From 1986 through 1993, Dan served as co-host and eventually the host of a weekly
Christian radio talk show in Columbus, Ohio, where many miracles, healings, and
salvations occurred. He has also ministered on the radio in Akron, Ohio, the Bahamas,
Trinidad, Brazil, and currently broadcasts from Spokane, Washington.

In 2002, Dan worked as an associate pastor and Bible school instructor in North Carolina
along with pastors Rick and Rozi Penny. Then, he followed the Lord’s leading to move to
New Hampshire where he joined the original Bridge Church founded by John Paul Jackson.
There Dan served as a prophetic team leader, fill in speaker, and member of the music
team headed up by Matt Stinton. Also, shortly after Dan's move to New Hampshire, he
joined the staff of Streams Ministries International (the ministry of John Paul Jackson) for
three years.

Books and Writing
In 2011, Dan and Ruth relocated to Spokane, Washington, where they live with their son.
Dan published his first book,
"Keys to Your Future: Going Beyond the Veil to Discover
Purpose," in 2012. This book describes how to recognize God's purpose for your life and
how to go about attaching heaven's provision to your calling.

In 2013, Dan wrote
"Rebirth of a Dream" (click to read the story). This is a short story
about the miracle birth of Dan and Ruth's son that was published in Candy Abbott's
"Christmas Presence."

Dan also wrote an article in 2017 titled, "23 Traits of the End Time Generation." This
article became one of the most popular posts ever on the
God TV Blog with well over
12,000 hits.

Dan is currently working on writing several books dealing with a range of topics:
Prophetic Convergence, The Hidden Languages of God, Angelic Protocol, Faith Principles
Daily Devotional, and another dealing with the Blessing of Abraham (How Far Can You
Dan Hayne
Author, Speaker, Teacher
If you would like to have Dan speak at your event,
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Author, Speaker, and Broadcaster
Ruth, Dan & John Paul Jackson
Here Dan is checking out a virtual studio where
he will do teaching videos containing many
insights that he has learned over the years.
God has blessed Dan with many personal experiences in the areas of divine healing and
faith. He also works in a prophetic anointing that often causes him to bring a timely
message when he ministers. He has a passion to build foundations in the body of Christ
and to see individuals and groups discover their purpose in God. Dan also enjoys
releasing biblical truths that thrust people into added dimensions in their walk with the

DH Missions
Dan, together with his wife, Ruth, founded DH Missions in 2010 with the intent of
assisting other ministries, individuals, and the body of Christ at large to come into all that
God has for them. Dan and Ruth desire to see others fervently pursue the Lord as they
discover and grow in their callings. They also feel it is important to focus upon excellent
character, integrity, and God's wisdom.

Dan is involved in teaching and writing to build foundations in the body of Christ. He also
conveys his message through church meetings, conferences, small and large study
groups, as well as through the Internet, radio broadcasts, video, audio, and social media.
Dan is now putting the finishing touches on a virtual studio where he will soon be
branching out into video and social media.
DAN HAYNE is an author and dynamic speaker who has ministered and
taught in churches and conferences spanning five continents. During his
travels, he helped plant a church in Brazil. He is ordained through
Streams Ministries International, founded by John Paul Jackson. Dan
served on the staff of Streams Ministries while he lived in New Hampshire.
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