About Ruth Hayne
RUTH finds herself spending as much time with the Lord as possible
when she has free time.  She enjoys getting dreams and pictures from
God to pray about and just being with the Lord.

Ruth has ministered to children for about 29 years in various
capacities.  She has taught children’s church, Sunday school, and
directed and worked as a children’s ministry leader in several
churches.  She has also ministered to children and teens in several
YWAM groups and on missions trips. All in all, Ruth has traveled to
seven countries on missions trips visiting some places a number of

Her experiences in Cambodia really captured her heart. She traveled
there the first time with a team from her church. The presence of God
was so strong on her that by the time the week was over, she could
hardly stand. She also saw a noticeable increase in her ability to
minister to the Cambodian pastors.
Her second trip to Cambodia saw Ruth ministering at several women's conferences
with a team, and she enjoyed speaking several times. Ruth also ministered at the
orphanage that Fran Lance started there and handed out rice and Bibles to the
needy in small rural villages.

Ruth and her husband, Dan, are raising their miracle baby, Josiah, who is a joy to
their heart and keeps Ruth young. She was told by a specialist in fertility that her
“window of opportunity for having children was pretty much closed”.  When she was
46, Ruth was involved in a car accident and two days later discovered she was
pregnant.  She had a miscarriage soon afterward. However, friends in her church
encouraged her not to give up and faithfully prayed for her.  

When she was 47, Ruth discovered she was pregnant with Josiah.  She had some
discouraging symptoms at first, but after telling her friends at church who prayed,
the symptoms disappeared! So in April 2009 their son Josiah was born totally
healthy and strong. Ruth and Dan believe they will minister together as a family in
churches and social gatherings as Josiah matures physically and spiritually in the Lord.
Ruth Hayne
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