Laminated Reference Cards
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This two-sided 6x9 inch 'Prayer for Our Children'
laminated card contains 15 prayer points you can use
as a model to pray for your children and the next
generation. You will find these prayers will help pave
the road for the next generation to do exploits in
God's Kingdom.
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'Prayer for Our Children' Laminated Card
Just the right size to tuck inside your favorite book or Bible...
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6x9 Inch Laminated Cards
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$5.00 USD each
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'A Father's Blessing' Laminated Card
Many of our fathers have never spoken affirmative
blessings over us concerning walking successfully in
our divine purpose. This two-sided 6x9 inch laminated
card contains affirmations you can use to pray over
yourself or others to empower people to walk toward
their destiny.
$5.00 USD each
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'Finding Your Purpose & Developing Your Passions'  Laminated Card
This two-sided laminated card is a practical guide to
discovering your purpose and developing your
passions. One side helps you to discover your
passions that are related to your purpose. The other
side gives practical ways to develop your passions.
$17.00 USD per set
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'Power Pack'  4 Laminated Card Set
This 4 card 'Power Pack' set of laminated cards is
designed as a quick reference guide to make it easy
for anyone to understand Christian foundations and
minister them to others. There is one card to cover
each of the following areas: Salvation, the Baptism in
the Holy Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the Gifts of
the Spirit.
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