Rebirth of a Dream
by Dan Hayne
We all have dreams and desires and God has a plan—
it might look different than ours, but it's always good!

W e married each other later in life. I was 50 years old and Ruth had just turned 43.
Even though we were both getting older, we had a strong desire to become parents
and raise our child to know Jesus. After nearly two years of trying with no results, we
went to a fertility specialist who ran several tests. His diagnosis was not what we
expected. “Your window of opportunity to have children is pretty much closed,” he
told us. Our balloon had nearly burst.

Three months came and went

Ruth was driving home and stopped to make a left turn into the entrance of our
apartment when a young man crashed into the rear of her car. Ruth was pretty
shaken up, because the gentleman was travelling at about 30 miles per hour when he
collided with her. After a ride to the hospital in an ambulance, Ruth was given X-rays,
an MRI, and medication for back pain. Ruth was released from the hospital later that
night and came home very stiff and sore from the collision.

Two days later, I received a phone call from Ruth while I was driving home from work.
She told me that she had followed a prompting to take a home pregnancy test.
Amazingly, the test revealed that Ruth was pregnant! A flood of emotions shot
through both of us. We were finally going to be parents at the ages of 45 and 53.
Ruth quickly made an appointment with a doctor and discovered she was about six
weeks into her pregnancy. News of our miracle spread quickly through our family and
circle of friends.

Another two days passed, and Ruth began having symptoms that pointed to
something being terribly wrong with her pregnancy. A trip to the hospital confirmed
that she was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage. Had the pain medications or X-
rays caused this? We prayed fervently for a couple more days, hoping against hope
that God would somehow intervene and reverse the diagnosis. Then the unthinkable
happened. Ruth was taking a shower and I heard a wail come from the bathroom. She
had just miscarried. We were dumbfounded and devastated.

We initially felt that

our miscarried child was a girl.
A few days later, a picture passed through Ruth’s mind. The picture was of a young
boy dressed in white with a white bow tie, sitting in a white room joyfully swinging his
legs while sitting on a white cube. We tried to find some comfort in the message of
the image Ruth saw. Was this a picture of our miscarried child in heaven? But, wasn’t
he supposed to be a girl?

Now, it seemed as though our desire to have our own children would never happen.
As far as we were concerned, our dream had died. Trying to come to grips with this,
we thought we could impact someone else’s child in a positive way through foster
parenting. So, we took the next step and became licensed foster care parents. A
short time later, a case worker dropped off a three month old baby boy and his sister
of fifteen months. The sudden addition to our family was challenging, but very
rewarding to say the least.

After several months, another case worker arrived at our door to send our foster
children to another home. It happened very suddenly with only a couple hours
warning. I was still at work when all this happened, and I didn’t get to say good bye
to our foster children. At the time, Ruth and I were not able to see God’s hand busy
at work.

We decided to travel to Florida to visit my mother and let our minds clear up from all
we had been through the past several years. Paul, a good friend of our family, prayed
for Ruth and me. As he finished, Paul said he believed God was going to give us a
child of our own. Afterwards, Paul’s wife pulled him aside and asked him in a serious
tone, “Are you really sure God said that?” After all, Ruth and I were getting older.

Within days Ruth conceived again!
Much to everyone’s surprise—especially ours! At this time she was 47 and I was 55.
However, several weeks later, Ruth realized she had the symptoms of yet another
miscarriage. Shaken to the core, we had close friends at our church pray for us.
Miraculously, just a few days afterward, everything returned to normal. There were no
more complications from that point on, and the pregnancy went to full term. With
complete amazement, we found ourselves holding our own healthy baby boy in our

Fast forwarding three years, Ruth had recently come to the realization that the picture
she saw of the young boy wearing white must have been of our son in heaven just
before she became pregnant with him. As she explained this insight to us at the
breakfast table, our son, who had just turned three years old added, “An angel
carried me.”

Ruth and I both sat there stunned as we realized that our son had just described a
wonderful journey where an angel carried him from heaven and delivered him into
Ruth’s womb at the point of his conception. Eager to uncover more details, I asked
our son if the angel who carried him had wings. He quickly gave a straightforward
response, “No, he was a regular angel.”

Even though we had given up on the possibility of having our own child, God gave us
the precious gift of our son who is now more than four years old. What a joy he has
been to us. And what an amazing thing to think that God cares for
all of us enough
to bring a dead dream back to life.
This is a reprint of an amazing short story from Dan Hayne about the birth of his son.

This story was originally published in the book, "Christmas Presence,” authored by
Candy Abbott, available from and

It also appeared in the GOD TV Blog January 4, 2019.
Luke 1:13 TLB  But the angel said, "Don't be afraid, Zacharias!
For I have come to tell you that God has heard your prayer…
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