A Time for Revelation
by Paul and Nuala O'Higgins
Reconciliation Outreach
I n case you haven’t noticed we are living in the age of information overload
Internet as if we were targets in a machine gun firing range. These are the days of
increased information, which Daniel spoke about.
“Many shall run to and fro and
Information is fascinating. However it can be accompanied with huge amounts of
misinformation, lies and distortion. So be careful!

In the Body of Christ we are also saturated with information. But, in the midst of this
abundance there can be a surprising absence of revelation.

Paul’s great prayer for the church is that God would give us
•  a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Him;
•  that we would know the hope of His calling and
•  how great is His power towards us. (Ephesians 1:17-23)

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. He shows us what
Jesus has accomplished and prepared for us. He makes it REAL to us and causes us
to progressively experience God’s power, love and presence.

The Greek word for ‘truth’, ‘aletheia’ means ‘reality’. The Holy Spirit’s work is NOT to
load us with Bible information, but to make the unseen realities of God’s kingdom  
REAL to us. Biblical information points to unseen realties - the Spirit of revelation
brings us into them. Information comes to the head - revelation to the  heart.

When the Spirit of revelation comes, He leads us into all truth. We no longer simply
know ABOUT God - we know God. We no longer simply know Bible facts - we
EXPERIENCE the REALITY behind the facts.

The Holy Spirit does not give us mere information on ‘how to do’ and ‘what to do’ but
leads us INTO the reality the truth He reveals.

Somewhere along the way the reality of being led into all truth has been corrupted
into being led into all information. Bible information is no substitute for Holy Spirit
revelation and we can easily develop ‘itching ears’  - wanting new facts in place of
seeking more revelation.

Information Is Not Revelation
When Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth, He did not mean
that He would lead us into an endless discovery of new doctrines. He meant that we
would enter more and more into the reality behind the doctrines.

Information overload is not the same as deepening revelation. We have no shortage
of information but we do suffer from an absence of revelation.

Revelation is to the spiritual world what the senses are to the natural world. Being
informed about the details of the physical world does not necessarily put you in vital
contact with it. It is only through the Spirit of revelation that we can make
meaningful contact with the spiritual world that Jesus has opened up for us. The
Pharisees and the teachers of the Law in Jesus' day were the most Biblically
educated people in the world but they could not see the Truth when He stood
before their eyes.  Jesus said that they were blind because they had much biblical
information but no revelation.

Revelation Of What We Already Have
We don’t need new Christian doctrines but we desperately need a new fresh
revelation into truths we already have. We need to taste and experience these
truths in a fresh and powerful way that will impact and transform our lives. We need
a fresh revelation
•  of the power of the blood of Jesus;
•  of what it really means to be declared righteous;
•  of what it means to be a new creation;
•  of what it means to receive the Holy Spirit and a new heart;
•  of what it means to have our sins and pains and sickness borne by    

We need a deeper revelation and experience of the love of God. There is an
enormous difference between knowing ‘God love’s me’ and experiencing the heights
and depths of His love that surpasses all knowledge.

There is an enormous difference between knowing that Christ died for my sin and
experiencing the joy of being reconciled with God.

Bridging The  Gap
There are three things that can bridge the information – revelation gap:
•  Meditation on the word;
•  Faith in the word
•  The work of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to make the  spiritual truths we already know more and more
real to us,  so that they excite,  enthuse,  motivate us and fill us with awe and
wonder again.  That’s His job. It’s not an intellectual exercise in information - it's an
exciting journey into the dimensions of God’s love.

A sin-laden word today needs to hear the truth of the cleansing blood of Jesus from
those who have themselves experienced its amazing reconciling power.

A powerless church needs to receive again a revelation of the might and power of
the Baptism in The Holy Spirit.

An insecure and fearful world needs to hear the call to all men to find security not in
the systems of this world but in the care of the Heavenly Father.

A compromised church needs to hear the truths of the liberating power of
sanctification. A spirit of revelation will cause us  to be thrilled, awed, motivated and
excited by these truths again! We will discover the joy of obedience as we align our
lives with the uncompromised Word of God!

We need a fresh revelation into what we already know!

Three Veils & Three Deaths
Absence of revelation implies the presence of a veil. Something is veiling the kingdom
of God from us.

There are actually three veils that block us from seeing and experiencing the realities
of God’s kingdom:
1.  The veil of self righteousness;
2.  The veil of natural strength and
3.  The veil of our own agendas.

To get born again I have to die to my self-righteousness and receive the gift of His

To receive the Baptism in and enablement of The Holy Spirit, I have to die to my
own strength.

To enter into the Glory I have to die  to my own agenda and life.

These three death and life journeys are our personal Passover, our personal
Pentecost and our personal Feast of Tabernacles.

The veil to the revelation of the salvation (Passover) was my self-righteousness.
The veil to my revelation of the Baptism in The Holy Spirit (Pentecost) was my
natural strength. The veil to my revelation and experience of The Glory (Feast of
Tabernacles) is my own personal and corporate agenda.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it
remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
(John 12:24)  The cost of
revelation is death - but the reward of revelation is life and joy unspeakable.

Without revelation the people are discouraged. (Proverbs. 29:18)
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