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Tommy Welchel with Sid Roth - Azusa Street Revival Miracles &
William Seymour's 100 Year Prophecy
In 1909, after the initial 1000 day glory outpouring in Azusa street, William
Seymour prophesied that God would restore the Azusa glory in 100 years. The
difference between the two outpourings is that this time it will be greater and it
will be in a number of locations worldwide.
Joshua Mills with Patricia King - Time and Eternity
Joshua Mills joins Patricia King on this episode of Everlasting Love TV to discuss
the topic of time and eternity. This is not just a conceptual discussion of what is,
but a practical revelation of how we can step into our dominion with power.
John Paul Jackson's Blessing to You
There is nothing God can't do! This is a story of faith that would not let go in the
face of circumstances that were screaming that a miracle was an impossibility.
Learn vital faith principles that can lead
YOU into victory!
Robert Henderson - Operating in the Courts of Heaven
on Sid Roth's
'It's Supernatural!' broadcast
This one is a Game Changer! Robert Henderson shows us how to effectively
counter when Satan accuses us before God. In this video, Robert gives us
practical ways to unlock effective prayer that will get results.   
Jeanette Strauss -
From The Courtroom Of Heaven To The Throne Of Grace & Mercy
Go more in depth into understanding the Biblical foundations and protocols
concerning effective prayer strategies as a result of participating effectively
with the Courts of Heaven. This one is a
Must See!
Robert Henderson- Resetting Time from the Courts of Heaven
Preached at "The Courts of Heaven & The Counsel of the Lord"
Conference in Phoenix, AZ on December 2nd, 2016.
In this strategic message, Robert Henderson uncovers the enemy's strategy to
disrupt God's timing in our lives. Robert then takes us through the steps to restore
what the enemy has taken from us.
Keith Moore's Trip to Heaven
If you have ever lost a loved one who knew Jesus as their Lord, this video is for
you. Keith Moore tells the story about God taking him to heaven to see his father.
This video will really encourage you.
Robert Henderson - Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven
Preached at "The Courts of Heaven & The Counsel of the Lord"
Conference in Phoenix, AZ on December 4th, 2016.
Robert Henderson shows us a Biblical perspective of wealth and also shows us
what has been holding back the end time transfer of wealth from the unrighteous
to those who want to see the Kingdom of God advance in the earth.
Bill Johnson - Revelation of God's Goodness
On Sid Roth's '
It's Supernatural!' broadcast
God's goodness is is one of the greatest revelations that can lead you into miracles
and destiny. Many insights in this video will give you perspectives
and mindsets that will help lead you into all that God has for you.
This is an important video where Robert Henderson shares vital and strategic
information concerning the differences between the Courts of Heaven and the
Counsel of the Lord and the proper protocols for each dimension.
Robert Henderson- The Counsel of the Lord
Preached at "The Courts of Heaven & The Counsel of the Lord"
Conference in Phoenix, AZ on December 3rd, 2016.
Keith Moore - Faith for Miracles part 11 - Faith Over Condemnation
We can be forgiven of our mistakes and sins by God, but if God's forgiveness is not
totally settled in our hearts, the doors that were openened by our sins can still be
open. Keith Moore explains in detail scripturally how we can overcome
condemnation and being entrapped by the enemy.
The Normal Christian Life - Gabriella's Miracle
John Paul Jackson went home to be with the Lord on February 18th, 2015. He was
a wonderful father to his children, those in his ministry, and to the millions of other
lives he has impacted. Let his blessing to you activate your calling in Christ to a
higher level.
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This one is a real faith builder. Shaun talks about how children of 7-12 years old
were working in the gift of prophecy at very high levels. Wow...
If children can do it, we can do it, too!
Shawn Bolz - Get Back to Child-Like
Here is a collection of teaching videos from other ministries that will give
you a high-level education in functioning accurately and effectively in faith
and prayer. You will come away with the ability to have maximum impact
for God's Kingdom after placing your hands on these simple tools that
produce profound results!