Restoration of All Things
A cts 3:20-21 “…whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things,
which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.”

The book of Acts speaks about the restoration of all things. The beginning of this
restoration in the church began as we came out of
the Dark Ages and moved into the
Reformation. Much of the demonstration of power and life in the church was lost during the Dark
Ages (500-1500 AD). During this time, institutional structures and hierarchies were substituted
in place of the gifts and ministries of Christ and the Holy Spirit. The result was a church that lost
its relevance by displaying a form of godliness that denied the power of God (2 Timothy 3:5).

Many agree that the Reformation began with Martin Luther nailing his 95 Thesis to the door
of the Castle Church in 1517. The Reformation ended around the year 1600. Throughout this
period, slow restoration of the church’s relevancy and power began as truth was built upon

Frequently, those who embraced one revelation of truth would persecute succeeding
revelations. Unfortunately, many have missed out on being a part of advancing the
Kingdom of God because they were more focused on method or procedure while remaining
oblivious to the fruit being produced. This was Jesus’ main complaint against the religious
leaders of His day, and sadly, the church has struggled with this mindset throughout
history, including today.

Restoration of the Fivefold Ministry Gifts
I believe we are currently in the times of the restoration of all things referred to in the
book of Acts. A big part of this is the restoration of proper functioning of the fivefold
ministry gifts that Christ gave to the church (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and
Teacher – Ephesians 4:11-16). Within the last fifty years or so, God has highlighted or
emphasized each of these fivefold ministry gifts:

  • 1950’sEvangelist, accompanied by healings, signs and wonders in evangelistic
    crusades and the Tent revival movement.

  •  1960’sPastor, with emphasis on the “church body life” expressed especially in the
    Charismatic Renewal movement.

  •  1970’sTeacher, seen in teaching conferences and the Faith teaching movement.

  •  1980’sProphet, observed in prophetic conferences, The Kansas City Prophets,
    and a strong prophetic movement.

  •  1990’sApostles, highlighted in the Apostolic Renewal movement.

In each of these seasons, one of the fivefold office gifts came to the forefront and the
church became reacquainted with the features and expressions of each gift. God’s ultimate
plan is to blend all five of these ministries. Every believer needs to be linked to all the
facets of the fivefold ministry of Christ to come into the fullness of their destiny.

Ten Year Cycles and the 2000′s – Prophetic Evangelism
What I have stated so far isn’t necessarily new revelation to many believers. To a certain
level, we have tasted and we understand the expressions of the fivefold office gifts, but
something still seems to be missing. It has been more than two decades since the
Apostolic office was revealed to the church. God has been shifting His emphasis
approximately every ten years since the 1950′s, but what has been happening since the
Apostolic movement of the 1990’s?

Around the year 2000, a new concept began to emerge in the form of combining the
functioning of two of the fivefold offices. God began to move in the area of Prophetic
Evangelism, where prophetic giftings were combined with evangelism outreaches. Many
new evangelism techniques including dream interpretation, encouraging prophetic words,
and even tattoo interpretation have been employed to bring those who have an interest in
spiritual things into God’s Kingdom. As a result, many from the New Age movement have
come to find their place in the body of Christ.

The 2010′s – Offices of Priest & King
Leading up to the year 2010, the offices of priest and king began to be expressed through
the body of Christ. The exciting thing about these two expressions is that every believer
has been called to function in these capacities, where previously only a select few had
been graced by God to walk in a fivefold ministry office.

This new expression of God incorporates a new dimension regarding the restoration of all
things. The concept behind this movement is to see all of God’s sons and daughters
participate in the restoration of all things, liberating creation from the bondage of decay
through a deeper expression of love and forgiveness.

Many miraculous healings and salvations are quickly springing up as a result of this new
expression of God. I know a man who ran from having a relationship with God for decades
and returned to a strong commitment to follow the Lord. Previously, decades of prayer
produced little results in his life. Within hours of praying priest and
king oriented prayer, we
saw his breakthrough come into reality. I have heard reports of children at a daycare being
miraculously healed of autism as a result of the emphasis of the offices of priest and king.

Let’s take a closer look at what is happening in this movement. Here is what we know
about the office of priest. One of the primary functions of the priest in the Old Testament
was to annually deal with the sins of the people. In so doing, the priest played a role in
connecting the people back to God. Now, in the New Testament era, we find an amazing
thing happens when we come to the Lord for salvation and He washes away our sins with
His own blood. 1 Peter 2:5 & 9 and Revelation 1:5-6 tell us plainly that
we have all become
priests and kings when we stand pure before God.

But, how does the office of king fit into this picture? Historically, a major function of kings
is to make declarations. As godly kings, we can make Kingdom
declarations for the purpose
of directing people, and places into their destiny in Christ (Mark 11:24, Acts 26:20, 1 John 1:2,
Zechariah 8:12).

Effective Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
There is a movement that has combined prophetic giftings with the offices of priest and
king. This is generally done by asking God to shine His light to
reveal sins (Psalms 90:8) for
the purpose of us playing a role in extending forgiveness (Matthew 6:10-12). The implications
here are huge. Let me explain.

Sin results in defilements that usually attach to four different areas:
  • People
  •  Land
  •  Things
  •  Time – Including generational or family lines

(Note: Time is attached to everything – Ecclesiastes 3:1)

General categories of root sins that defile are:
  •  Broken covenant
  •  Idolatry (witchcraft, drug abuse)
  •  Bloodshed (anger, violence)
  •  Sexual immorality

Usually, any sin will fall into one of these four categories that defile. Defilements become
access points for the kingdom of darkness to operate in the earth realm. As priests, we
can extend forgiveness and apply the blood of Jesus to sins that have defiled
(see John 20:
21-23, Acts 26:17-18, and Hebrews 9:22), thus restoring and redeeming people, land, things,
and time back to God’s original plan (Psalms 139:16).

Also as priests, we can declare the power of these sins and defilement sbroken by applying
the blood of Jesus. Once people and creation have been purified, redeemed and restored by the
blood of Jesus, the enemy (Accuser) has no more access point, and we simply declare that he
has been hurled down by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:

We can release God’s destiny as a king would, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal specifics. In
many cases, the defilements will be the exact opposite of what God’s plan would be. Then
we can thank God for filling the vacuum where the defilements existed and
allowing Him to
prompt us to declare and release His plan and purposes. The next step is to look for and expect
transformation to take place.

Important Protocols
An important earmark of this movement is the recognition that we should not go into the
second heaven to do spiritual warfare head-on with the enemy. God gave mankind
authority in the earth realm—not the regions of the second heaven (Genesis 1:28 & Psalms
115:16). God has made provision for us to release the third heaven into the earth realm
(Matthew 6:10 and Luke 11:2). We will find ourselves unprotected by entering into the
second heaven to do warfare. If we stick to God-ordained protocols, we will find the
greatest measure of success.

A final step in the process is to ask God to seal off all second heaven access points or
portals and open third heaven portals to the people, places, things and time lines that are
the targets of our prayers. Then ask God to station angels at the second heaven access
points to keep them closed and at the third heaven portals to keep them open.

I have given you a broad brush-stroke of how God is moving today. I have participated
with groups flowing in the expression of the offices of priest and king, and we have seen
God move mightily and quickly in situations where years of prayer have produced little or
no results. As all believers begin to function as priests and kings by playing a role in
extending forgiveness and removing defilements, we will see a quick and widespread
change for God’s Kingdom in the earth.

I pray that you will see profound results in your prayer life as you employ these strategies.
Where Are We NOW?
by Dan Hayne
Dan Hayne
Many of us are trying to get a grasp on what the current move of God
looks like. Quite often, we might find ourselves too close to the forest to
see the trees. From time to time, it helps step back and take a look from
a historical perspective to see exactly where we are right now. Let’s trace
through church history to gain some insight concerning what God is
releasing today.
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